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I so majorly pigged out last night. Mindy, Derwin, Terence and I went over to Bukit Timah Plaza last night for dinner. We ended up having this Japanese All-you-can-eat A-la-carte buffet (oxymoron there - a-la-carte buffet??). Anyway we ate from 6.30 - 9.15. Almost three fucking hours sitting there and stuffing our faces. I honestly lost count of how many plates of food we ordered, but I know we asked for 3 rounds of dessert. After that, I had to loosen my skirt. Oh yes.

Nevertheless, food was good, so I'm not really complaining. I've got the mother of math lecture tests next Tuesday - Inequalities, Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression, Series, Mathematical Induction and Trigo 1. You can guess what I'm gonna say next - I haven't studied. Something tells me I'm gonna fail. NJ has a reputation for setting un-doable Core Math papers.

Any good songs to recommend? I've been listening to the same ones over and over. Incubus and Coldplay is good, but a girl needs some variety no? Oh, and I'm intending to get a new cellphone (my Nokia 6610 keeps turning itself off, and the keypad's dead) but the phones in the market are so ew. I want a camera phone. Any suggestions?
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