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baby got back!

Oh, I forgot to add- the reason I made this public was probably to let everyone know that I might not be lj-ing as often now, but obviously I got too carried away and forgot to mention this. You can still add me to your friends list and yadayada but I might take a while to get back to you. Yep

Heh, I fucked up my lit. Totally. It's okay, I got my emath to make up for it. B3 - lost TEN MARKS to careless mistakes. pfft. So my L1R5 is 10. Should have done better, but oh well, no point crying over spilt milk. I'm pretty satisfied though - I improved a whole lot :)

The whole level in general didn't do well. Our principal was furious. She called an assembly where she totally YELLED at all of us, and told us how we were underachieving. I've never ever seen Ms Tan yell, so the situation must be pretty bad. I heard that the worst L1R5 was 41.

I'm so fatigued. I get home every day at 8.15pm now. It's a mad dash to the finish line (Next Thurs) to complete my 5 paintings. Things are going smoothly for now, and I think I'll be able to complete it by then, but at the expense of my other subjects. After next thursday, I'll have to work quadruply hard.

Dayum, I can't wait for Christmas, and my birthday! It's the same as Owen's - 14th December *hinthint* :D
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